Woke up half-naked in a Denny’s parking lot after what started out as an innocent game of Cards Against Humanity.

Ah yes, the ol’ Cards Against Humanity joke. Quite possibly the most popular reference left in our ask box other than “r u okay?” and “hehe denny’s i’m in you right now” (you guys, we’ve heard these a million times).

HOWEVER, verseofthedead, because of your shirtless commitment to the joke we’d like to clothe your torso so you’ll have appropriate attire the next time you visit our fine establishment. Please write into our ask box, from this account, with your name, address, and shirt size. We’ve got your back (haha). We’ve got you covered (almost).

PS- we’re serious!

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shouts to all the band kids who worked really hard to master an instrument in high school and double shouts to the ones who wore goofy outfits and did it in choreographed steps like seriously that sounds outrageously difficult like poaching a perfect egg but yeah denny’s has yr backs and you’re welcome in our humble diners after any and every recital, concert, home game, et al. 

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Harry Potter reading Harry Potter on the set of Harry Potter during shooting of Harry Potter.


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"And just what the hell am I supposed to do with these?"

"I requested minions of darkness, and you gave my fluffy jellybeans."


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This Comic Might Seem Absurd, But It Makes A Valid Point About A Certain Craft Store

Ah, those Supreme Court justices didn’t think of the one thing about religious freedom that’s often overlooked — there’s more than one religion in the universe.

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the best thing about having the house to myself is that I can make breakfast in my underwear


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what does sending anon hate accomplish… go outside… pet a dog… ride a bike… Call your dad and apologize for being a disappointment

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Sweet Photos of a Senior Golden Retriever Snuggling with Baby Chicks. Remember Champ, the happiest dog in the world? His owner, 21-year-old Candice Sedighan, just shared with us a new series of photos she’s taken of the adorable dog and his newfound, rescued friends. All Photos by Candice Sedighan via  My Modern Metropolis  ~ Older dogs are adorable & very loving, too. ♥

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hmm yes I like it in my petal shade from the petal cave

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